Paul Crandell
Motorsports Event Producer

After graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1994 Paul became involved with event management and TV production focusing on innovating the formats of sports and events and the way people viewed them from their living rooms. This “new sport” vision lead him to help another friend produce a revolutionary mountain bike festival which was to become Red Bull Energy Drinks first event in the United States, The Red Bull Tahoe Fat Tire Festival in 1997. Paul’s creativity and strategic thinking landed him a sports and event management position at Red Bull in 1998. After overseeing all of Red Bull’s events for 6 years, he was promoted to Director of Sports Marketing where he lead a 24 person team who oversaw all Athletes, Events and Motorsports in the US. During this time he and his team produced, activated and managed over 300 media and spectator events, 120 athletes, a fleet of miscellaneous aircraft and numerous motorsport teams including NASCAR, F1 and Champ Car. Paul built the brand image of Red Bull from the beginning by focusing on giving the best athletes in the world the best platforms to compete on and gave media the most interesting events and projects to follow. He is known and respected in the sports industry as one of the original pioneers of Red Bull and has been a large part of their massive growth in the United States over the last 9 years.

Paul is family man with two kids and a wife living in southern California. He is an outdoor enthusiast who prides himself on being synonymous with his career and lifestyle and creating balance. He has skied many first descents in Alaska and raced one of the toughest motorcycle race in the world, the Baja 1000.

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