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The LONGITUDE Expedition

On November 1, 2003 nine volunteers from the Drive Around the World organization began a nine-month, 50,000 kilometer drive around the world - crossing four continents, through 34 countries - to raise funds that will help cure Parkinson's Disease.

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What's New

  Want to talk to the team?
Next Drive Around the World Media SAT-LINK Conference is June 22

  South Carolina Land Rover Club donates $1000 to Drive Around the World for Parkinson's Disease Research.

  Take Me With You! Guests, Larry Rosinski and Sue Mead, join the LONGITUDE Expedition Team through 3 countries.

  Rick Gustafson from Westminster, Colorado guessed our mystery animal and won a LONGITUDE Expedition T-SHIRT. We have more shirts so keep guessing!! Next winner announced on July 1.

Which animal made these tracks?

Animal Tracks

Drive Around the World in the News

KKAR-Omaha's Steve Brown spends the hour with Expedition Leader, Nick Baggarly - June 2004

Royal Geographical Society posts Drive Around the World article - June 2004

IRIDIUM Issues Release in Support of LONGITUDE Expedition. "IRIDIUM Provides Global Satellite Communication Services for LONGITUDE Expedition - June 2004

CAAMA Aboriginal Radio broadcasts Drive Around the World update. Alice Springs, Australia - June 2004

Drive Around the World's Unprecedented Adventure for Charity Reaches Asia - May 2004

Drive Around the World featured in Student Traveler Magazine - May 2004

BFGoodrich writes, "BFGoodrich� Tires Pass Half Way Mark On Drive Around The World Expedition; Mud-Terrain T/A� KM Tires Are "Drive Around The World" Tough" - May 2004

AM 882 Australia's 6PR News Radio with 187,000 listeners interviews team member Justin Mounts (8 minutes) - May 2004

NOVA 93.7 radio station interviews team member Justin Mounts - May 2004

Expedition Leader, Nick Baggarly, interviewed on Perth radio station - May 2004

CAAMA Aboriginal Radio interviews Drive Around the World team in Alice Springs, Australia (15, 10, and 7 minute interviews) - May 2004

Channel 7 in Cairns, Australia features Drive Around the World - May 2004

Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) interviews Drive Around the World team - May 2004

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Where are they now?
Where's the team? Thailand The team is now in Bangkok, Thailand.

NEXT STOP: China and India Embassies for lots of paper work and permits.

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Parkinson's Around the World
The Harding Family and Nancy
Harding family and Nancy in Perth, Australia

The Expedition Team spends an inspirational afternoon with Allen Harding and family. The Team was introduced to Allen by Parksinon's Western Australia. More...

Distance Learning Program
Follow our explorations of the world�s natural and manmade wonders. Meet scientific and ecological researchers around the world, explore diverse cultures, and experience rich geographic locations along with us.

Upcoming Education Visits

06/01/04Phuket Gibbons Monkey Project
06/01/04Royal Geographical Society Marine Institute visit in Phuket
06/04/04Ecology and conservation field expedition in Southern Thailand
06/10/04Thailand Parkinson's Disease Society
06/15/04The Presidential Palace
06/18/04Meditation at Wat Phra Kaeo, The Temple of the Emerald Buddha
06/20/04Exploring Muang Boran's Ancient City

Todd in the classroom

Favorite question:

Maria, an 8th grader from Riverdale School asks:

"What would the needed time be to drive around Mars and the time needed to travel from Earth to Mars?

Answer: The equatorial radius of Mars is 3400 km, equatorial circumference = 21362 km. A straight-line path would thus take 21362 km / (112 km/hr) = 191 hrs = 8 earth days of solid driving. (For comparison, if you could drive a straight-line equatorial path around the earth at that speed, it would take only 15 solid days of driving. Hard to believe, huh?)

The mean distance from Earth to Mars is 78e6 km. At a constant 112 km/hr, this would take 700,000 hours or 79 earth years. The minimum distance from Earth to Mars is 56e6 km, which is 500,000 hours or about 57 years.

Answer courtesy of Drive Around the World Advisor, Lonnie Chrisman.

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