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The LONGITUDE Expedition

On November 1, 2003 nine volunteers from the Drive Around the World organization began a nine-month, 66,000 kilometer (41,000 mile) drive around the world - crossing four continents, through 31 countries - to raise funds that will help cure Parkinson's Disease. Bureaucratic delays, weather, and shipping schedules extended a nine-month plan into a 15-month reality.

Researchers say that with proper funding Parkinson's Disease can be cured soon. Click here to donate now and help eliminate this disease in our lifetime. Your donation makes you a part of our team and you just might win a Land Rover!

What's New



  KNTV NBC11'S Garvin Thomas Helps Us "Tell 'em About Parkinson's" - May 2, 2005

  Houston Resident Supports Drive Around the World's Fight Against Parkinson's Disease, Wins A Land Rover!


  "Drive Around the World" Expedition Vehicle on Display at New York Auto Show

  Adventure Philanthropists Complete Drive Around the World to Combat Parkinson's Disease

  Expedition Team Meets the Many Faces of Parkinson's Disease

  LONGITUDE Expedition Carries World's Most Traveled Nuts

  LONGITUDE Expedition Crosses Final Border Checkpoint, Arrives Back Home in the States

  LONGITUDE Expedition Mushes Into The Arctic Circle, Turns For Home

  TONIGHT SHOW Host Jay Leno Supports LONGITUDE Expedition

  Drive Around the World TRACKS is back! Guess the animal tracks and WIN a LONGITUDE Expedition T-Shirt!

  Academy Award Winning Director James Cameron Supports LONGITUDE Expedition

  LONGITUDE Expedition Receives Show of Support from Michael J. Fox

  LONGITUDE Team And Vehicles Are Chilled To The Bone In Siberia

  Dalai Lama Blesses LONGITUDE Team In Rare Meeting At His Exiled Home

  Travel Writer, Rolf Potts Donates Lowell Thomas Award Winnings to Parkinson's Disease Project

  Words from Expedition Leader, Nick Baggarly

Drive Around the World in the News

Governor Schwarzenegger Visits with �Drive Around the World� Expedition Team - March 23, 2005

FORD Motor Company Feature: Drive Around the World Helps Raise Money, Awareness for Parkinson's Disease - March 15, 2005

Around the world in 80 days�times six! Los Gatos Weekly Times - March 9, 2005

Team drives some 41,000 miles! Sunnyvale Sun - March 9, 2005

From Ecuador To Singapore: Mobil 1 Provides Protection For LONGITUDE Expedition's Drive Around the World - March 1, 2005

Driving Around The World For A Cure: ABC7's Karina Rusk was there for the end of the LONGITUDE Expedition - February 28, 2005

BFGoodrich� Tires Completes the Ultimate Road Trip; Drive Around the World Expedition Raises Money for Parkinson's Disease - February 28, 2005

WOI-TV, ABC5 Des Moines report: Philanthropic Adventurers Complete Drive Around the World to Combat Parkinson's Disease - February 28, 2005

Iridium Provides Global Satellite Communication Services for LONGITUDE Expedition - February 28, 2005

Makita-Sponsored LONGITUDE Expedition Reaches Finale - February 28, 2005

PR Newswire report: 'LONGTITUDE Expedition' Covers 30 Countries and 41,000 miles in 16 Months to Raise Funds and Awareness - February 28, 2005

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin writes: Team hopes to bring attention to Parkinson's disease with journey around the world - February 23, 2005

Rolf Potts Vagablogging update: The Drive Around the World expedition is almost home... - February 21, 2005

ARB Supports Global Expedition for Parkinson's Disease - February 21, 2005

Racing For the Cure in an SUV: DAVID WICKERT of the Tacoma News Tribune Meets the Team - February 20, 2005

Jeff Gilbert's Car Chronicles features LONGIUDE Expedition on WWJ Newsradio 950 PART 1 - February 8, 2005

Jeff Gilbert's Car Chronicles features LONGIUDE Expedition on WWJ Newsradio 950 PART 2 - February 8, 2005

Friskodude Carl Parkes Blogs Drive Around the World - February 4, 2005

Anchorage Daily News Provides Warm Welcome for LONGITUDE Team - February 1, 2005

LONGITUDE Expedition Approaches Final Leg of 41,000-Mile, 30-Country, 16-Month Sojurn - February 1, 2005

K&N Filters Help LONGITUDE Expedition Drive Around The World - January 4, 2005

Yakutia Daily, the largest newspaper in the republic, covers the cold drive through Russia - November 19, 2004

LONGITUDE Expedition Takes Thousands of Schoolkids On 16-Month "Virtual Field Trip" - October 15, 2004

San Francisco Chronicle Magazine runs Patagonia story by Rolf Potts - October 2004

Ford writes, "Land Rover Continues Support of Drive Around the World�s Unprecedented Adventure" - October 2004

European Car: Sue Mead goes the distance from Singapore to Bangkok - October 2004

LONGITUDE Expedition Crosses the Silk Road Sands of the Takla Makan Desert - October 19, 2004


European Car: Part II of Sue Mead's Southeast Asia adventure with the LONGITUDE Team - October 2004

LONGITUDE Expedition Faces Danger, Delays In Mountains of Pakistan - September 26, 2004

Land Rover Certified Expedition Summits World's Highest Motorable Road - September 19, 2004

Hella shares LONGITUDE Expedition vehicle with Detroit schools - September 2004

Drive Around the World sponsor, Hella, sends LONGITUDE Expedition vehicle to Atlanta schools - September 2004

LONGITUDE Expedition Triumphs Through Mud, Red Tape of Myanmar - August 19, 2004

ARB, a Drive Around the World sponsor, writes about the LONGITUDE Expedition in ARB newsletter - August 2004

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin writes, "Around the world in 4 Land Rovers: Alta Loma woman's disease sends adventurers on drive to raise funds" - August 2004

CHINA International Travel Service helps Drive Around the World for Parkinson's. - August 2004

San Jose Mercury News writes, "Sister's plight inspires man's yearlong trek" - August 2004 spins Drive Around the World - August 2004

LONGITUDE Expedition Reaches The Other Side Of The World--Precisely - July, 12 2004

From Virginia to Bangkok: Motor Trend Radio's Bob Long Interviews Nick Baggarly from across the world. Sunday, July 18, 12 noon EST / 9 AM PST (stations) - July 2004

Global Rovers Combat Parkinson's - July 2004

Drive Around the World Featured in Bangkok Nation - July 2004

Canadian Driver writes, "Drive Around the World expedition punishing test for BF Goodrich tires" - June 2004

Want to Drive Around the World? The Adventurous Say "Take Me With You!" to World Travelers - June 2004

Royal Geographical Society recognizes Drive Around the World as helpful resource - June 2004

BBC Burmese Dawn Programe broadcasts live interview with Justin Mounts - June 2004

KKAR-Omaha's Steve Brown spends the hour with Expedition Leader, Nick Baggarly - June 2004

AKG Acoustics joins Drive Around the World - June 2004

Royal Geographical Society posts Drive Around the World article - June 2004

IRIDIUM Issues Release in Support of LONGITUDE Expedition. "IRIDIUM Provides Global Satellite Communication Services for LONGITUDE Expedition - June 2004

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Where are they now?
Where's the team?


On Mar. 23rd, 2005, Drive Around the World team members meet with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.
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The team is now in Los Angeles.

NEXT STOP: March 31ST at the Parkinson's Institute Symposium.

View the latest Expedition Team journals and photos.

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LONGITUDE Expedition Completed!
LONGITUDE Expedition vehicle, D4 at the Finish Line

On Feb. 28th, 2005, the LONGITUDE Expedition team and vehicles returned to Sunnyvale, Calif. where they started 16 months ago.

Parkinson's Around the World
Michael J. Fox with the team
LONGITUDE Team members receive a Thank you from Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox meets with Expedition Leader Nick Baggarly and Todd Borgie in Vancouver, Canada to show his support.

More about Parkinson's Disease around the world...

LONGITUDE Expedition Schedule
Follow as we explore the world�s natural and man made wonders. Meet science and environmental researchers from around the world, explore diverse cultures, and experience new places, rich in history and geography.


03/21/05 to 03/25/05LA Media Days.
03/31/05Parkinson's Institute Symposium.
04/06/05K&N Engineering media day.

03/19/05Explorers Club Annual Dinner.
03/25/05 to 04/03/05New York Auto Show.
04/16/05Parkinson's Unity Walk, New York.

04/08/05 to 04/30/05Across America Media Tour.

Todd in the classroom

Favorite Question

A California Student asks:

"I wanted to first thank you so much for doing this. What you are doing is truly inspirational, and it completely amazes me. I'm interested in joining the peace corps. Where have you gone so far that seems to be in the greatest need of volunteers or workers?"

Answer: I think it's great that you are interested in the Peace Corps. I spent two and half years in West Africa in the Peace Corps and it changed my life! It was a tremendous experience! There is need all over the world for forestry, agriculture, English, medical, etc. There are so many ways in which you can contribute to making a better world. The most important way to make changes for the better is to cultivate the human spirit. This helps people realize that they too can make a difference and helps them set and reach their goals. Once people realize that they have the power to make changes, great things will happen. All of this is to say, there are many places you can go, and many things you can teach, but the power to make a change is the most important thing you can propagate wherever you are.

Answer courtesy of LONGITUDE Expedition Educator, Todd Borgie.

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