Santa Cruz Bicycles

"Santa Cruz Bicycles is very happy to be official back-up vehicle of the “Drive Around The World” and the “Longitude Expedition”. Being part of the humanitarian effort for the cure of Parkinson’s Disease combined with the Future Explorers on-line educational program make us feel proud to be associated with such a worth while cause. What better way to truly test Man and Machine!"

- Rob Roskopp, Owner

About Santa Cruz Bicycles

For the longest time, we referred to our bikes as “Simply Advanced” Our lightweight and dependable single pivot bikes set the standard for suspension performance back in the very early 1990’s, and became models which most of the bike industry at one point or another emulated. Over the years we tweaked the design, burned through some pretty sweet computer programs, took advantage of the finest aerospace metallurgy available, and employed a team of redheaded engineers to optimize the performance of the national championship winning Superlight, the freeride favorite Bullit, and the rugged do-it-all Heckler. We have taken single pivot suspension performance to levels nobody ever expected.

And last year, to almost deafening praise from riders everywhere, not to mention the international media, we introduced our VPP range of bikes. VPP stands for “Virtual Pivot Point”, a multiple linkage non-linear axle path suspension design originally pioneered by Jamie Calon and James Klassen in 1995. We adopted the design, then powered up the previously mentioned cutting edge computer design, aerospace metallurgy, and redheaded engineers, and came out swinging with the new V-10 downhill bike and Blur XC platform. Our VPP bikes allow incredibly plush suspension performance while maintaining unparalleled chassis rigidity and climbing prowess. These bikes are taking performance to the next level, whatever that may be. Of course, we may be a little biased, since we made the damn things. So, rather than take our word for it, here’s what the peanut gallery had to say:

The Blur: "The Blur’s handling is so balanced, and its pedaling performance so seamless, that it fools you into believing that you have become a much better rider... search the world and you will not find a better trailbike." - Mountain Bike Action, April 2003 “The efficiency of the VPP system is astounding, making the barely over 24-pound bike a joy to ride up, down and all over the mountain.” - Mountainbiking Magazine, March 2003. (They also voted the Blur as the 2003 XC Bike Of The Year. Guess they liked it...)

The V-10: “ pedals better than any other downhill bike I've tried-which is significant considering this bike has more travel than any downhill bike I've ever tried. It displays the most suspension and pedaling independence I've ever experienced on a DH bike.” - Mountain Bike, V-10 review, November 2001. Pushing boundaries. Pushing ourselves. Pushing the competition. We learn from all of this, and in turn are always striving to improve. Whether it be shaving seconds from a downhill run, minutes from a lap time, adding feet to a vertical drop, or keeping our accountant out of the emergency room, we are committed to this. To the edge, and the constant sharpening of it. Cheers!