About Seagate

The "Extreme Sport" of Technology
Seagate's position as the world's largest manufacturer of disc drives, magnetic discs and read-write heads puts it at the heart of today's "information-centric" world. Throughout its history, Seagate has successfully relied on a strategy of vertical integration: designing, developing and producing the key, enabling technologies that go into its storage products, rather than relying solely on outside suppliers. This isn't easy, because building disc drives is widely recognized as the "extreme sport" of the technology industry. It requires expertise in physics, tribology, aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, information theory, magnetics, process technology and numerous other disciplines. This is why Seagate has some of the brightest minds in the technology industry working to ensure that it stays on the leading edge. Seagate's technology advantage has enabled the Company to consistently set and then shatter world records with the highest performing disc drives in the industry. And it also provides drives with capacities of up to 180 Gigabytes capable of storing information equivalent to a stack of typed pages three times the height of the Empire State Building.

Looking beyond these accomplishments, Seagate has its sights set years into the future. From hand-held computers and web phones, to intelligent storage that knows what information you want and when you want it, to home networks that deliver entertainment, education and services on demand - Seagate has the know-how and the resources to develop the technologies required for tomorrow. Seagate is committed to developing new solutions and new technologies in data storage technology, pushing it further than anyone could have imagined when the Company had its humble beginnings over 20 years ago.

Seagate believes that the growing demand for storage can be addressed by only a handful of companies, and owning the technology to enable future generation storage devices is critical. And owning the underlying technology has enabled Seagate to lead the industry in the enterprise, PC and consumer electronics markets. The Company also entered the market for notebook disc drives in 2003. With a focus on innovation, time-to-market, ownership of enabling technologies and a proven strategy of vertical integration and advanced R&D, Seagate continues to raise the bar, and be best positioned for the future. With the race on to discover newer, faster ways to store, access and manage information, look for Seagate to continue to be at the front of the pack.